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Pregnant Edmonton mom laying with her son
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Edmonton Midwife, and what do midwives offer? When it comes to women’s healthcare during pregnancy and childbirth, there are two primary options. An Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB/GYN) or a Midwife. While both professionals play crucial roles in ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy journey, there are distinct differences in their approach and philosophy. In this blog post, […]

Edmonton Midwife

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Edmonton midewife for pregnant lady
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Edmonton Midwife Services Edmonton Midwives are primary care providers to expectant mothers with low-risk pregnancies. To begin, midwifery care offers the same level of care you would receive with any other health care provider. Edmonton midwifery care clinics have full access to all standard pregnancy tests, for instance, blood tests, imaging, and ultrasounds. Midwives perform […]


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Prenatal massage for pregnant edmonton mom
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Pregnancy is indeed a wonderful and magical journey. Yet, that magical journey can involve pain and discomfort, especially in the second and third trimesters when we are carrying more weight. Unfortunately, taking most over-the-counter pain control is not safe, nor recommended. Happily, for expectant mommas, there is an alternative. Prenatal massage therapy is a natural […]


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You are ready to welcome the most precious bundle of joy into the world! Without a doubt, this is cause for celebration! What better way to share in that joy than giving a thoughtful gift. Whether you are shopping for a baby shower or purchasing everything your baby will need in their first year, you […]

Edmonton Baby Stores

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Edmonton mom to be
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Congratulations! You are an expectant mother. You just got the news you and your partner are expecting. Excitement and elation quickly turn to a little anxiety and a little feeling of uneasiness. In fact, you may even be feeling a slight bit of fear, especially for all you first-time parents. What better way for you […]

Edmonton Prenatal Classes

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Baby clothes in Edmonton on children
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Baby clothes in Edmonton – Shopping for all your baby clothing needs! Baby clothes in Edmonton, let’s chat about it! Are you are expecting? Are you looking for the perfect outfit for an upcoming baby shower? If so, it is time to hit the local baby clothing shops in Edmonton! If you are anything like […]

Baby clothes in Edmonton

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Looking for Edmonton Toy Stores to check out? Are you searching for your little one’s newest favourite toy? There are so many options when it comes to toy stores in Edmonton, Alberta. We all know that life can be very busy, so when shopping, you want stores that are convenient, affordable, and carry all of […]

Edmonton Toy Stores That People Love

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Edmonton baby session
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Looking for Lactation Consultants in Edmonton, Alberta? Edmonton Lactation Consultants, let’s talk about it. Firstly, you may ask what a lactation consultant is. Well, a lactation consultant is a health professional who specializes in the management of breastfeeding. Someone who will observe your baby’s appearance and behaviour. They will watch your baby as they’re breastfeeding and […]

Edmonton Lactation Consultant- Top 4

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Top Edmonton Doulas Edmonton doulas, let’s talk about it! Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most magical moments in your life. You want everything to be perfect, and you want your baby to be healthy and happy. Doula services are becoming more popular, and it’s for good reason! They help to educate […]

Edmonton Doulas – Highly Rated

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