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Edmonton Midwife Services

Edmonton Midwives are primary care providers to expectant mothers with low-risk pregnancies. To begin, midwifery care offers the same level of care you would receive with any other health care provider. Edmonton midwifery care clinics have full access to all standard pregnancy tests, for instance, blood tests, imaging, and ultrasounds. Midwives perform both routine assessments and prenatal appointments. As a matter of fact, if you are under the care of a midwife, you do not need to access routine prenatal care with a family doctor or obstetrician.

What to Expect With a Midwife…

  • Complete care during pregnancy, birth, as well as postpartum care for momma and her newborn
  • 30-45 minutes appointments that allow for questions and discussions regarding pregnancy and care
  • Home visits for momma and her baby after delivery to help with breastfeeding
  • Specialist referrals when required
  • A trusted midwife with extensive knowledge and resources
  • Choice of home birth, birthing center with option of water birth, or hospital
  • Informed choices

Being pregnant and giving birth is both magical and life-altering. You may want extra support during this incredible journey you are about to embark on. A midwife provides that much-needed support, and more. Be sure to check out three picks for Edmonton Midwive Clinics.

Top 3 Edmonton Midwives

Beginnings Midwifery Care

Two incredibly, knowledgeable women started Beginnings Midwifery Care back in 2008. Since then, their practice has grown to include 3 other midwives. These ladies believe their role as a midwife is “to provide information and personalized care so that women can make choices throughout this time.” Just as important, they want “to help make the birth of your child a positive, safe and empowering experience.”

Beginnings Midwifery Care demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting clients in their choice of birthplace. They offer birth at home, at the birth center, or in hospital. For clients who choose to birth at a hospital, it is important to note, their midwives have privileges at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Grey Nuns Community Hospital in Edmonton.

Check out their website to learn more about Beginnings Midwifery Care.

Lucina Midwives

First of all, Lucina Midwives places emphasis on care for out-of-hospital births. As a rule, they mainly take clients who are choosing to deliver at their Lucina Birth Centre or at home. However, they will not refuse clients who make the choice to have their birth at a hospital. Secondly, should your delivery require a hospital birth, all of the Lucina Midwives have privileges at the Royal Alexandra Hospital primarily and will also deliver at the Misericordia Community Hospital.

Last but not least, the goal of Lucina Midwives is to lower the level of obstetrical intervention and offer natural pain management. They utilize tools such as water labour and birth at the Lucina Birth Centre. The Lucina Birth Centre has two welcoming and comfortable birthing rooms for their patients to use.

Private birth rooms have:

  • Birth tub
  • Birthstool, ball, and peanut
  • Birth swing
  • Variable lighting
  • Climate control
  • Entonox Gas.

Be sure to check out their website here.

Edmonton Midwifery Cooperative

To begin with, Edmonton Midwifery Cooperative is a team of seven Registered Midwives. They work as a cooperative, in the inner-city of Edmonton, Alberta. Their mission statement asserts, “We intentionally provide care for underserved clientele and families, and in all our interactions aim to provide evidence-based care that is respectful and inclusive of all people. We welcome families of any gender, sexual orientation, family structure, faith, age, cognitive or physical ability, socio-economic status, or ethnic background.”

By the way, Edmonton midwifery Cooperative services, are funded through Alberta Health Services. In fact, this means services are fully covered and accessible. Again, under midwifery care, you will be offered the same routine assessments and prenatal appointments that you would with any other healthcare provider. In addition to this, the same team of midwives will provide your care, throughout your pregnancy, birth, and up to six weeks postpartum.

Click on the link here, to learn more about Edmonton Midwifery Cooperative.

Final Thoughts…

An important note, the Alberta Midwifery Request for Care is a wait pool and there is now a single provincial waitlist to access midwifery care in Alberta. The wait pool is unranked and requesting care does NOT mean that you will get the first midwifery care spot that is available in your area. You can, however, select your preferred practice to request care with a specific Midwifery Care Clinic. In short, as soon as you confirm your pregnancy, be sure to register for your Edmonton midwife here. Looking for more ways to help have a stress-free pregnancy? Treat yourself to a nice massage! Check out my blog here for some recommendations!

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