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In a world where we often find ourselves battling against our own insecurities, I believe every individual deserves a safe space to embrace their own beauty and resilience. Here at the studio, I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Because sometimes our experiences in life have a way of dimming our inner light. But here's the secret: sometimes, all it takes is a moment of courage to ignite the flame within. 

elcome to my sanctuary of self-love and empowerment. Where you'll also find me, one of Edmontons top fine art boudoir photographers.



What to expec t

Im ready to invest in myself!

First, you book your session by paying your session fee and signing your contract.

Then we plan our virtual zoom consult to get to know each other a bit better and also go over your story and vision! We’ll discuss everything from wardrobe to what you should expect from your session!

Your session day begins with being pampered by a professional makeup artist. Then we go through your session while I guide you pose by pose for a perfect gallery!

After your session, I will reach out to you to plan a date to come back for your in person image reveal and ordering appointment. Your appointment will be 1-2 weeks following your shoot. This is where you will choose exactly what you want from already curated collections to a la carte.

-A 1 hour photo session
-Professional makeup makeover
-Posing direction 
-A virtual pre session consult
-A prep guide PDF
-A private in person image reveal & ordering appointment



I are dedicated to empowering my clients to embrace their inner strength, beauty, and confidence, guiding them towards a journey of self-love and acceptance.

I infuse every aspect of my work with meaning and purpose, recognizing the profound impact that your boudoir session can have on you. I understand each session that I do will mean something different to each individual, and i'm here to make sure your WHY is respected and celebrated.

I encourage the women in my studio to be fully present in the moment, distraction and worry free. To embrace their vulnerability and allow themselves to be seen and celebrated exactly as they are in that very moment. This is for YOU!

My goal is to empower my clients to take ownership of their narratives, reclaiming their stories and celebrating their unique journeys with pride and confidence.

My studio is a sanctuary of warmth and comfort, where my  clients can feel safe to express themselves freely and authentically, knowing they are in caring and capable hands.

I encourage my clients to express themselves freely and authentically.

I encourage  my clients to use this time to reflect on their journey and celebrate how far they've come, recognizing their growth, resilience, and self development.

To keep it simple,
here are my EMPOWER values

IN cultivating an atmosphere of acceptance. 



"I was so nervous because I had never done professional studio session, she has an incredible knack for creating a comfortable atmosphere and her friendly demeanor and clear guidance quickly put me at ease. This make it easy to relax and feel confident in front of the camera.
I am a mom and sometimes I forgot about my self but Teneya made me do it!! she made me look at the beauty in me again, she took care of the pampering time (hair and gorgeous make up) I can not thank her enough.

I feel so beautiul

"there’s a reason Teneya is the Queen of modern glamour photos. I felt like an absolute goddess during my entire shoot. Teneya is so easy to be around, a lovely soul with a huge heart, and absurdly talented.

I’ll keep these photos close to my heart forever. Every woman deserves to feel this beautiful again"


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