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Looking for Lactation Consultants in Edmonton, Alberta?

Edmonton Lactation Consultants, let’s talk about it. Firstly, you may ask what a lactation consultant is. Well, a lactation consultant is a health professional who specializes in the management of breastfeeding. Someone who will observe your baby’s appearance and behaviour. They will watch your baby as they’re breastfeeding and adjust your breastfeeding position if need be. They will also take into consideration whether or not the baby is latching on, sucking, swallowing, and breathing properly.

We all know how important breastfeeding is for both you and your baby. Breastfeeding is necessary to give your new bundle of joy all of the vital nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. However, not all mothers are able to do so. Especially if they don’t seek help from a lactation consultant!

Do you know how people say there is a job out there for everyone? Well, these are the top lactation consultants you’ll find in Edmonton. They are all amazing at what they do. No matter which option you go with, you’ll see why they chose to go into this field!

The top 4 lactation consultants in Edmonton, Canada:

Little Nursing Company – Lactation and Sleep

If you’re shopping around for a lactation consultant in Edmonton you may feel overwhelmed by choices, but look no further! The team at this health center is known as ‘The Dream Team.’ They are amazing and will have the answers to all of your questions. They are on top of all the recent trends, and updates and they will help educate you on everything to do with lactation. They have flexible lactation packages to ensure you get the services and education you need.

Milkbud Lactation and Prenatal

Providing Edmonton mothers with educational resources to help them prepare for labor and delivery, Milkbud ranks as one of the best lactation consultants in the area. Owner and operator, Sheena offers in-home lactation consultations and other services that are personalized to you and your baby’s needs. When Sheena works with you, her goal is to help you achieve your goal of breastfeeding your little one. She wants to help you gain the confidence you need to achieve your feeding goals. She does this in a way that is realistic, practical, and non-judgmental.

Fiona Lang-Sharpe

When choosing a lactation consultant, we all want someone who is highly educated. We want someone who can give us the feeling of being your friend, someone who is confident in what they do. Fiona Lang-Sharpe does exactly that! Known for being one of the top lactation consultants in Edmonton, Fiona goes above and beyond for her clients. She is great at problem-solving and finding solutions to breastfeeding. Fiona understands how important it is for both mother and baby. That’s why she is dedicated to doing what she does. Fiona has so many different qualifications and titles, which is why she is one of the best in the area!

To conclude, thank you for reading my blog about Edmonton Lactation Consultants! If you’re interested in learning more about a newborn session click here. Or if you’re interested in a maternity session, click here!

Edmonton baby session

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