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Edmonton doulas, let’s talk about it! Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most magical moments in your life. You want everything to be perfect, and you want your baby to be healthy and happy. Doula services are becoming more popular, and it’s for good reason! They help to educate expecting mothers on what’s to come as well as provide you with the support you need; specifically during your pregnancy, labour, and delivery, and even after your baby is born.

What is Doula Care?

A doula is typically a woman without formal obstetric training. It is someone who is employed to provide guidance, and support to a pregnant woman during labour. They act as a support system, someone by your side to make sure you have everything you need to make you feel comfortable and prepared.

If you’re looking for the best doula services in Edmonton, and want to learn the benefits of having one, keep reading!

The 4 top-rated doulas in Edmonton, Alberta:

Edmonton Area Family Doulas

If you want an easy-going, attentive doula for your pregnancy journey, this is the place for you! Their team is highly educated and skilled at what they do. They make the process easy and relaxing for the expecting parents. With this doula care service, you can feel comfortable with their doulas knowing that they are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Their goal is to make sure you are comfortable during your entire journey, from pre-natal care to postpartum support.

Gentle Touch Doula Services

The point of having a doula is to have an ongoing support system that will guide you through your pregnancy. Gentle Touch Doula Services does that and more! This team understands that you will remember your pregnancy forever, and that’s why they want to support you in any way possible. They want to give you the best birth outcomes. Established in 1999, Gentle Touch has worked with over 1,000 families to provide high-quality birthing services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of their doulas today!

Full Circle Birth Collective

When looking for the best doula care services, you want to choose a service that focuses on you, your baby, and your family. Full Circle Birth Collective is a heart-centred practise that focuses on supporting families through a very special time in their lives. They offer labour doula services, postpartum doula care, educational classes, doula training, as well as virtual online support! Their core value is making sure you and your baby have all the support and tools you need for your pregnancy. So, if you are looking for one of the top-rated doulas in Edmonton, this is a great option.

Transition Doula Collective

First of all, no matter how many kids you’ve already had, you can never have too many educational resources and will always appreciate that extra support. Also, not all of your pregnancies are going to be the same, therefore finding a doula that offers everything you need is important! From high-quality doula services, birth prep workshops, baby care, and parenting workshops, this doula care service in Edmonton is one of the best. Lastly, they want to make this time in your life even more special than it already is, and above all, they want to make sure you are prepared for your pregnancy journey

What are the benefits of using a Doula service?

  1. Decrease in pain killers. Doulas provide you with different techniques to help deal with pain. From prenatal massages, too prenatal yoga. They have many different ways of helping you go through your pregnancy process.
  2. Shorter labor times. Doulas have high-quality techniques to help prepare your body for labor and delivery. They will particularly help you guide your body to be prepared to get that baby out as soon as your water breaks!
  3. A more positive experience. Having a doula by your side is like having a super-knowledgeable best friend there for you. They keep a positive spirit and support you through your entire journey.

Finding a doula that you and your family feel safe and comfortable with can be overwhelming! However, I hope with this advice you can narrow down your decisions and find the best Doula care in Edmonton.

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