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Edmonton OBGYN, let’s talk about it! To begin with, Gynecology is an area of medicine dealing with the health, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders affecting women’s reproductive organs and systems. On the one hand, obstetricians deliver babies, in addition to caring for women during and after pregnancy. On the other hand, a gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in female reproductive health. An OB-GYN is, in fact, trained to do the job of both an obstetrician and a gynecologist.

Edmonton OBGYN treats some of the most important health issues women face. These issues can include childbirth, birth control, and menopause. For instance, an OB-GYN can perform any job from treating infections, performing surgery for pelvic organ or urinary tract problems to screening for cancer.

We are fortunate that Edmonton has some of the finest OB-GYNs in the country. In this blog, I will highlight just a few of these highly knowledgeable Edmonton OB-GYNs.

Highly Endorsed Edmonton OB-GYNs


South Side Women’s Health Centre

3017 66 Street, NW (Unit 120), Edmonton, AB

TELEPHONE: (780) 461-6220


Edmonton OBGYN Dr. Tom Corbett specializes in high-risk pregnancies. He provides exceptional pregnancy care, as well as delivers babies. Dr. Corbett is trained to perform surgeries such as Cesarean sections (C-sections) and hysterectomies. He offers cervical cancer screening, in addition to, diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the female reproductive system.


“Truly incredible! Not enough positive things can be said about this physician. He showed me tremendous understanding, empathy and compassion through a complex diagnosis. Also, he shed light on an ongoing issue that requires much attention and forwarded me to additional individuals to help in my treatment plan. I am forever grateful for the time, willingness to explain fully and empathy provided. Without a doubt, I am very lucky to have such a high-quality individual and physician like Dr. Corbett as my OB-GYN. Dr. Corbett is highly, highly recommend.”

“I want to share my exceptional experience when I had a procedure done with Dr. Corbett in June. First of all, this doctor is an exceptional human being! Certainly, no other way to describe him! Caring and compassionate beyond words! In fact, this man also went the extra mile to put my mind at ease with everything medically happening in my life. I was overwhelmed by his care and concern for my mental wellbeing. How do you thank someone for doing more than what is required? I am so glad for having had this opportunity to share with others my experience with this unique Doctor! What a difference it made for me. My deepest gratitude and thanks!”


Grey Nuns Community Hospital

2925 66 Street, NW, Cedar Professional Park, Edmonton, AB

TELEPHONE: (587) 523-0235


Edmonton OBGYN Dr. Dolhaniuk specializes in treating a wide array of gynecological issues using minimally invasive techniques. Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery uses less invasive techniques, such as laparoscopy or hysteroscopy, to surgically treat gynecologic conditions. Minimally invasive techniques require only a few small incisions, rather than one large incision. Oftentimes, no incisions are needed. These state-of-the-art approaches help her patients recover more quickly and with less discomfort compared to traditional surgical methods.

Dr. Dolhaniuk’s other areas of expertise include dealing with high-risk pregnancies, endometriosis, menopause, as well as sexual health and contraception.


“I have seen her through two of my pregnancies and she makes every visit so comfortable and informative. Spends extra time explaining things, is always on time, so amazingly kind, and will do anything for her patients. Any concern you have is addressed with her attention and handled immediately. Plus, when she puts the doppler on your stomach, she makes you feel like it’s the first time she’s ever heard a baby heartbeat and it’s so special. This woman is a gem and is obviously in the PERFECT specialty.”

“I chose Dr. Dolhaniuk to be my OB when I was pregnant with my son and she was a complete sweetheart. She was always on time, made sure to call me back personally to update me on test results and check in with me. Dr. Dolhaniuk was always able to answer my questions and she was very comforting and reassuring when I had anxiety. I’ve had an IUD for a couple of years now and there were doctors that told me they couldn’t take my IUD out as they couldn’t figure out where it was. Dr. Dolhaniuk came to the rescue and was very confident about being able to take it out. She’s the most confident doctor I have ever dealt with!”


Misericordia Hospital Edmonton

16940 87 Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB

TELEPHONE: (780) 735-2000


Edmonton OBGYN Dr. Aubrey Uretsky specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of different disorders that are related to the female reproductive system, which include infertility, IUD insertion and removal, as well as menopause.


“Dr. Uretsky is a wonderful OB-GYN. First, I struggled with fertility for years. As a result of working with Dr. Uretsky, I credit the beautiful daughter, I have in my arms, to his expertise and treatment. He always treated me with respect, gave me hope, and treated my conditions that were causing problems in becoming pregnant. Additionally, he always took the time to explain things to me and listened to any concerns I had. As a result, I will always be grateful to him for helping me deliver a safe, happy, and healthy daughter. Undeniably, a great doctor, and if you are lucky enough to end up with him, just know you are in great hands.”

“I saw Dr. Uretsky for a cervical polyp. It was the first time to a male doc in over 20 years. Unfortunately, my blood pressure was sky high when I went in. However, he immediately put me at ease, as he was very approachable. He patiently explained things along the way, while continuing to make me at ease with his professional, but relaxed manner. What an amazing OB-GYN!”


Kingsway Obstetrics & Gynecology

303 Kingsway Mall

109 St and Princess Elizabeth Ave., Edmonton, AB

TELEPHONE: (780)-540-8990


Edmonton OBGYN Dr. Cameron specializes in diagnosing and treating reproduction infectious disease in women. He is trained in both general obstetrics and gynecologic surgery. His patients report receiving incredible prenatal and postnatal care from Dr. Cameron. In addition to natal care, he also provides contraceptive counselling to couples.


” I love this doctor and I am super happy I was referred to him. Dr. Sklar made me feel so at ease and I trusted him 150%! Without a doubt, I am so thankful he did my surgery. Unfortunately, I had some heart issues and he made sure everything was ok before I was discharged. My angels made sure I got the right OB-GYN! Thank you Dr. Sklar for all you do!”

“I am happy that I was referred to Dr. Sklar by our family doctor. He delivered my second baby via scheduled C-section last October 28, 2020. Dr. Sklar is professional, kind, friendly and funny and I always felt comfortable and at ease when talking to him. On the day of my surgery, I was very nervous, but Dr. Sklar told me that I was in good hands and he was right! In fact, everything went smoothly from start to finish. I had a great recovery and my baby boy is healthy. Thank you very much, Dr. Sklar. You are an awesome surgeon!!! Undoubtedly, highly recommended!”


As has been noted, we are often referred to an Edmonton OBGYN for personal and sensitive health issues. As a result, we may feel reluctant to discuss these intimate issues with our OB-GYN. In fact, just the thought of seeing one often leaves us feeling anxious, nervous, or even embarrassed. While it may be uncomfortable for us, in reality, this is their profession and be rest assured, these doctors are very much aware of how women feel. Consequently, they will go out of their way to put us at ease.

To conclude, use your yearly OB-GYN appointment as an opportunity to ask questions. Even if your questions seem intimate or downright embarrassing, you can be certain that your doctor has heard them before. It is okay to ask about your periods, birth control, sex, or whatever you want to know about your reproductive health. After all, an OB-GYN is your partner in your reproductive health. By all means, carry on that partnership by making and keeping your yearly appointments. In between visits, meanwhile, don’t forget to let your doctor know if you have any new problems.


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