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Edmonton Maternity stores and where to find the cutest, comfiest clothes!

Being pregnant is one of life’s most special moments! And of course, during that time you need some comfortable, yet stylish clothes to rock that belly in. Some moms only need a few basics to get through their pregnancies, while others want to deck out their whole wardrobe. Whatever your needs are I have you covered. No more needing to hold your pants together with hair elastics or rubber bands! There are so many awesome Edmonton maternity stores, but this blog is to highlight my top 5 I recommend to mamas. 

1. Yo Mama Maternity Inc

Known as one of Edmonton’s best maternity and nursing stores, Yo Mama Maternity has you covered from head to toe! Ranging from adorable stylish denim overalls to extra comfy nursing hoodies, check this place out for clothes that will make you look and feel your best.

2. H&M

H&M is one of those awesome budget-friendly stores that keep up with the latest fashion trends. The items at H&M are affordable, comfortable, and cute! Offering almost everything that an expecting mother would want, I specifically love this store for all of my basic wear, like tanks, sweaters, leggings & t-shirts. Also, I don’t want to forget to mention they have adorable accessories too. Necklaces, rings, hats, bracelets, you name it!

3. Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood has a great selection of clothes, I hear a lot of moms rave about their jeans! South Edmonton Common has a clearance area that you can find some really awesome pieces at too. Motherhood maternity is one of those places where you can find almost anything, even bathing suits! One of the amazing things Motherhood Maternity also offers is their special plus sizes maternity line, so they cater to a wide variety of sizes.

4. Old Navy

Do you love dresses and leggings? Well don’t walk.. run to your nearest old navy! Even if there isn’t anything in the maternity section, their regular dresses are so cute and breezy that they’re great for the belly too! Not to mention their leggings, amazing quality for the price and super stretchy. Another great plus to this store is their accessories, super stylish scarves, shoes, hats and more!

5. Walmart

Now you may not be the biggest fan of Walmart due to their reputation of not having the best quality clothes… but pregnancy is for 9 months, right? So most mamas don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on everyday clothes to wear for those 9 months. This is the place to go for super comfy PJs, loungewear, and t-shirts to wear that you can throw out after your new baby poops and pees all over them, haha! Don’t forget about stores like this. You’re probably picking up some groceries there anyway, why not stop to grab a $10 pair of PJs for the hospital?

Now you may be wondering, Teneya what are the best clothes to wear for my maternity session? Girl, I have you covered! These are recommendations for outside of my studio because I have an amazing collection of beautiful gowns and materials to make your session stress-free. So no need to worry about what to bring for your portraits! Check my maternity portraits out here!

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